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Energy Healing Sessions

Trauma healing sessions

These session focus on trauma that the client has had in their lives to release it and provide comfort.  These sessions work on the fear, anxiety, stress, grief, regret, resentment, rejections, anger, and blocks that occur when someone has suffered a traumatic event.  Energy clearing and resetting are also part of this session.

Relationship Release

This healing session is focused on releasing all energetic cords that are attached to a client when a relationship is no longer wanted or needed.  This service assists those who are grieving the passing of a loved one, divorce or break up, job loss, or any relationship or belief that no longer serves the person.  It includes cutting energetic cords, removing all ties, and releasing and replacing any belief systems about the person, place, belief, or situation.

Body Healing Session

Anytime we suffer an injury, illness, or loss, you and your body suffer a loss.  This session works with you and your body to help adjust to the changes.  This session is for those who have suffered trauma such as injury, surgery, illness (cancer, etc.), transplants, or removal of limbs, etc.  This session will also assist with pain relief and the grief, sadness, resentment, anger, regret, and rejection that come with these types of events. 

Pain Release

This session will focus on finding the source of pain and working through it to release it.  Many times, emotional and spiritual issues will cause our physical ailments. 

Intuitive Healing Sessions

These sessions incorporate information received intuitively and allow for information to be used during a healing session.  These sessions can include clearing any past life issues, generational issues, and any lower vibrational energies as well as receiving information from angels, spirit guides, and loved ones that have passed.

Intuitive Gift Healing/Training

Many people have intuitive gifts but are fearful of them.  These sessions we work through the low vibration emotions of having these intuitive gifts and help the client learn how to use them in the best and highest way.  These sessions also assist with any spiritual, emotional, or physical healing that is linked to these abilities.

Addiction Release and Healing

These sessions assist those who struggle with addiction.  It doesn’t matter what type of addiction you have, there are blocks and beliefs that fuel that addiction.  These sessions focus on what is causing your struggle with addiction and we release and replace them.  These sessions assist you in moving forward from addiction into healing.

Light and Love Healing

These sessions focus on helping you bring positivity and healing into your life.  We work on raising your energetic vibration and releasing any lower-vibration emotions.  These sessions are good for those that want to work on bringing positivity and light into their lives.  

Palliative/Hospice Soul Healing Session

These sessions focus on spiritual work that needs to be completed before a person passes away.  These sessions help release regrets, resentments, rejections, anger, frustrations, etc., and allow the client to find peace.  These sessions also work on finalizing any work that needs to be completed spiritually prior to the person passing away.

Soul Healing Session

These sessions work on clearing past life issues, karma, curses, oaths, vows, and commitments, curses, and releasing negative attachments.  These sessions dive deep into triggers that allow the client to have greater healing.

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